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Thanksgiving Moments: Words from Students

19 Nov

It’s the day everyone has been waiting for! College kids always seem to love this holiday because you get some much needed time off before finals.  It’s the time to be with family, friends, and other loved ones, eat delicious food and watch football until you can barely function. I’m talking about Thanksgiving: the precursor to Christmas, the other favorite holiday of some college students. Chicago College Life wanted to know how others like to spend their holiday, so we asked around to get the scoop on your favorite things to do over Thanksgiving break.

There are a multitude of people you can spend Thanksgiving with. These people can be family, a significant other, friends or a mix of all the important people in your life! It’s fun to catch up with others. It’s great to have most of your family in one place. A huge part of trying to coordinate this holiday chaos is figuring out who will be cooking Thanksgiving dinner because that’s the place where everyone wants to be.

“For Thanksgiving, I spend time with just my family at home, and we cook at home also. Then we just fall asleep.” – Shaughnessy, St. Xavier University

“I spend time at home with my family, then we usually eat at my grandparents’ house.” – Armani, Columbia College

“I’m usually with my family and boyfriend on Thanksgiving.” – Shastina, Chicago State University

For those of us not lucky enough to live at home, our commutes are longer than the walk from the bedroom to the kitchen. Of course, many people can’t hang with their families if they’re not at home, so many students who stay on campus drive home or catch the train.  Of course, the big issue here isn’t how you get home, but what you eat when you arrive.

Some enjoy traditional meals.

“Deep fried turkey breast, homemade macaroni and cheese, dressing and cranberry sauce, and gumbo are my favorites. I like them because they have been made ever since I can remember for Thanksgiving.” – Shaughnessy

Some prefer something different.

“I love Chinese food & French fries [on Thanksgiving].  I really don’t know why they’re my favorite to be honest.” – Brittany, St. Xavier University

And who can resist mom’s cooking?

“I love to eat my mother’s mac and cheese, sweet potatoes, and greens. She also makes a great chocolate éclair. They’re the best simply because she makes them.” – Arman , UIC

There’s always something to look forward to as well.

“Baked Ham is my favorite because I don’t usually have that on a regular basis.” – Michelle, The Art Institute of Chicago

But, everyone isn’t so lucky to eat at home.

“Well, I usually work on Thanksgiving day, and have been for the past 4 years so someone brings me a plate of food to work.” – Laila, UIC

Do you help cook the turkey? Most students said no. They’re at home to relax and enjoy the holiday. Since they are college students though, there is still homework to be done for some, which means not enjoying themselves to the fullest.

“No, I don’t do homework and hopefully my teachers won’t assign it either.” – Shaughnessy

“I do homework. For some reason, professors think that we have all the time in the world over break to do papers.” – Laila

“Yes, I do homework. I usually study for finals, but I make sure it doesn’t interfere with family time.” – Brittany

Do you help others on Thanksgiving? Some responded that they may give food to neighbors who may not be fortunate enough to have enough food and that in the future, they would like to volunteer and donate their time and material possessions to those in need. They are thankful that they have enough to be able to have a great Thanksgiving and enjoy everything about this holiday.

“I love the good food, being around my family, and us recognizing that we are blessed and thankful. We have a place to live and each other to spend Thanksgiving with, and that’s all I want.” – Brittany

Brittany summed it up greatly. Thanksgiving is about being happy that you’re with people who love you and who you love in return. Let’s be realistic; it’s also about the tasty food. This is one of the few times each year that families can get together so be thankful for this holiday, eat lots of food, and kick back.

Happy Thanksgiving from CCL.




2 Nov

Did studying for midterms keep you busy? It’s time to clear your mind and reward yourself with a weekend which I call the weekend of Arabic-Spa. This spa includes a a night with hookah, belly dancers, Arabic music and some drinking that is not what you’re used to; this time it’s included in your hookah. HUH?!

The flavors that are involved with hookah vary. The best flavors are those created by its founders and frequent users -the pros. Many people think that they know how to switch up the original method of using water with their hookah by using milk or juice products instead. Let me introduce you to a real mind-blowing method that is used by the real pros.

First, you need to forget about making the hookah with water, milk, and juice. There is a certain drink known as Ouzo Plomari that is needed to put in the hookah but this drink is hard to find at any liquor store because it is an international drink. It may be easier to find this drink in areas where there are many Arabs and Greeks such as Orland Park and Oak Lawn. It is possible to find it at any Arabic liquor store, but you would have to ask for it in Arabic which is known as Araq; and you may purchase it at a maximum cost of $20.


Another thing to change is the herbal hookah (tobacco) and purchase an Indian tobacco known as Soex which costs $9.99 a packet. This kind of tobacco is nicotine free, tobacco free, and tar free which allows you to smoke it for a long time without getting dizzy or feeling nauseate. Many lounges have this kind of herbal, and you can ask them when you request your hookah for the flavor you desire.



When going to a hookah lounge, try bringing your Ouzo drink and request that it be filled with water because some Arabic entertainment places may inhabit hookah and may not have the drink.

The best places that serve hookah around the city are based on what they serve from belly dancing shows and dinner.

Exotic Moroccan Hookah Lounge– Includes belly dancers

Ambrosia café

For belly dancer shows, I suggest you go to the Horseshoe Casino which is a great place that offers belly dancers.

For Arabic music, do not just search for Arabic music online, but try to go to an Arabic concert. These concerts are coming soon to the Horseshoe known

Wael Kfoury

as Arabian Nights. On Friday the 12th of this month, there is an upcoming Arabic singer named Wael Kfoury that is coming to sing at the casino, along with other. You can purchase tickets from the casino website.

If you really want to experience a different but fun weekend, you may want to consider the Arabic-spa. The prices are not too expensive and will not “break you.”


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