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Name: Anastasia aka Anamal

Age: 21 years

Hometown: Brookfield

Major: Communications

Minors: Gender & Women Studies and Sociology

Three Random Facts:

  1. There’s nothing I hate more than flies and the word “ca-ca.”
  2. I have a Red Bull and chocolate addiction.
  3. My favorite drinking game is THUMPER.

INSPIRATION FOR WEBSITE: The city can be so overwhelming! After growing up in the suburbs, I was not prepared for the busy lifestyle of Chicago. There are so many deals and free events for students, but I always have a hard time finding discounts that appeal to me. Now that I am 21 yrs old, it has become even more complicated! Therefore, my inspiration for this website was to spread awareness on inexpensive entertainment as well as to provide recommendations on the bars and drink specials for Chicago college students.

Name: Ashley aka Ash or Ashro

Age: 21

Hometown: Hoffman Estates

Major: Communications

Three random facts:

  1. I was born with three kidneys!
  2. I love Bon Jovi & know all the lyrics to his songs!
  3. I know it’s bad, but I still have never learned how to swim!

INSPIRATION FOR WEBSITE: From an early age, I knew I wanted to get out of the suburbs and live in Chicago!  Choosing to go to college in the city was one of the best decisions that I have made.  I loved every minute of exploring and getting familiar with the city, but I wish I had more information about different neighborhoods and places to check out that were not recommendations from my RA.  My inspiration for this website is to provide college students with information about their new home away from home that will help them get out and explore the city in between living the hectic life that comes along with being a college student!

Name: Megan aka Malibu or Blondie

Age: 23

Hometown: Chicago

Major: Communications

Three random facts:

  1. I am overly obsessed with Halloween especially coming up with original costumes!
  2. I have a fear of pigeons
  3. I somehow am able to hold 3 jobs and be a full time student

INSPIRATION FOR WEBSITE: The creation of this website was very important to me. When I entered college I had NO idea what I was in for. I am the first of my siblings to attend college so I really had no guidance. As time went on I learned about cheap ways to buy books, learned great places around the city to study, and many other valuable tools to get me through my college career. With this site I hope to give you information that I wish I had received, I will write about topics and issues that us college students deal with everyday.

Name: Nakendra aka Pooh, Kenny, or Nicky

Age : 21

Hometown: Chicago

Major : Communications

Minor : African-American Studies

Three random Facts:

  1. I’m a Lady Gaga addict.
  2. I love chocolate, chocolate flavored foods, foods with chocolate in them, fudge, chocolate frosting, etc.
  3. I intern for WGN Morning News.

INSPIRATION FOR WEBSITE: I truly appreciate being in school and the opportunities that come my way. I was born and raised in the city of Chicago and am currently a senior at UIC. I believe that it’s important for students to have resources available to them to have a successful college career. It’s also important to have a social life while in college. These are, after all, the best years of your life! I love going to different restaurants, museums, and just strolling around downtown on beautiful days.  Ice skating at Millennium Park is cool (no pun intended) in the winter too.  Enough about me though; I hope you guys reading our blog will enjoy it and use it to your fullest extent! Enjoy your college years! They fly by pretty fast.

Name: Rima aka Mima

Age: 22

Hometown: Chicago

Major: Communications

Minor: International Studies

Three Random Facts:

  1. I hate chocolate, fruit, and cheese in all its productions
  2. I know a singer who looks identical to me
  3. I’m a pro at hookah

INSPIRATION FOR WEBSITE: In college, you “live your life.”  It’s true only if you actually know how.  As a senior-international student,the unfamiliar conversations that were disclosed between my peers have led me to Google anything. My life off-campus has restrained me from opportunities to join any kind of sports,organizations or clubs. I don’t want other students to have to go through the same process of Google-ing everything the same way I did; I also want to advise students on how much they are missing out for living off-campus. Instead this blog will provide some insight that I never had!

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