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Rocstar Hair Show This Weekend!

3 Dec

Looking for something to do this weekend?  Stay out of the cold on Saturday (12/4) and head over to Flat Iron for a hair/fashion show. Rocstar Hair presents “Beauty is Dead” .

Photo Credit: Rocstar Hair Facebook Page

Going with the “Rocstar” theme the show will feature zombie, Victoria Secret looking models. It’s a one of a kind show that demonstrates the talent and creativity that is Rocstar Hair.Rocstar Hair is a new salon that opened in August in the heart of Wrigleyville. The Flat Iron is located at 1565 N. Milwaukee Avenue in Chicago. The cover charge is $5 which covers beer and whiskey specials. The bar is open from 10 p.m. until 2 a.m.

Want to look like a “rocstar” yourself? Check out their Facebook page  and set up an appointment with one of their amazing stylists. Students with a valid ID get $5 off.

Lorena’s Life in the City

1 Dec


Chicago College Life has interviewed one of the Chicago college students that has been following our blog for the past couple of weeks. Lorena Lara, an 18 year old freshman living on campus at UIC, was interviewed by Chicago College Life about her experience living on campus and trying to be dependent on herself. She was a sample of our student audience whom we sought to know how much of an advantage and help our blog was to her in her life especially as a freshman.

CCL: What major are you studying?

LL: Right now I am undecided. I haven’t chosen my major yet, but I know I want to do something in the medical field because I like science.

CCL: How far is your hometown from school?

LL: It’s two hours away by train and other public transportation, or twenty-five minutes of driving.

CCL: Did your parents have an impact on your education decision?

LL: They wanted me to do something that did not involve a lot of years of studying. But I decided to go against their will because it’s my life. They actually wanted me to go to college for X-ray technician but I did not want to get an associate degree. I wanted more than that, so I decided to go to a university instead.

CCL: You said you have an undecided major, does that have anything to do with what your parents have suggested to you?

LL: They just wanted me to get an associate degree because it doesn’t take as long as a bachelor degree. My parents want me to be independent, and attending a university would make me dependent on my parents for a longer time. I am taking my time and not rushing things because I know I will be in a career that will make me become an independent afterwards.

CCL: Are you employed?

LL: I didn’t want to work my first semester of school, because I thought it would interfere with my grades. Now that I have learned how to manage my time wisely, I will probably look for a job for next semester.

CCL: How do you handle your college expenses?

LL: I get financial aid, and I get the rest of the money from my parents.


CCL: What is your housing plan like?

LL: I live in Courtyard . Our room and board also come with a a five-day meal plan, so on the weekends I either go home or go out to eat with my friends.

CCL: Where do you like to eat with your friends?

LL: I like to eat in Greek Town or Little Italy . Both neighborhoods are cheap, but when I am in a Mexican mood I go to Lalos . Every Wednesday they have Salsa night. OH MY GOD it is so fun, you have to go there!

Little Italy in Chicago

Lalos Logo

CCL: Why did you choose to live in the dorms, and how were your parents involved with that decision?

LL: I wanted to get the full college experience, but my parents didn’t agree with me living in the dorms because they said it was going to be a waste of money. I think their decision was basically a Mexican tradition—that young ladies are to stay with their parents. But I convinced them, and they’ve accepted it.

CCL: How often do your parents check on you?

LL: During the first month of school, they would call me like three times a day. But now, it’s every other day. The first question they  always ask me is if I am coming home this weekend Once I tell them that I am not, they think it’s because  want to go out to a party.

CCL: How often do you go home?

LL: I go home every other weekend. When I go home I shop with my mom, because when I am home, I can’t study. That’s why I stay at school most of the time on weekends, working in the computer lab on doing papers.

CCL: How well do you know the city?

LL: I know about restaurants, but I don’t have that much information about night life, in order to be really involved in “the nightlife” I need to be 21, because most things include alcohol. I have seen the section Chicago College Life has provided about nightlife and entertainment, I am interested in it and look at it every once in a while, [Sigh] Can’t wait!

CCL: Did you have any previous knowledge about the city?

LL: I have been at a couple of clubs,  for kids my age, but it’s on the north side of downtown. Now that I have been following Chicago College Life, I gained more knowledge on what is going on around me.

CCL: What do you like do for fun around the city?

LL: I go to the movies when I get home, and I go to the UIC Theater if I was not busy. As for clubs , I go where I’m legally allowed to enter; and I go bowling with my friends. I just think that I am totally missing a lot because I am not 21, but I can’t wait for that!

Lorena 2nd from left bowling with her friends

CCL: Do you feel more responsible now that you live away from home?

LL: Yes, I’m more responsible. It feels great because I don’t have anyone calling me to ask me what time I will be home. I can get to my dorm at any time without getting in trouble. However, I feel like living in the middle of the city makes me more vulnerable to danger, especially for a young lady like me. One tip I follow from my peer mentor and Chicago College Life is to always go out in groups—NEVER BY MYSELF.

CCL: Do you think that your life would have been different if you lived at home?

LL: Time managing can definitely be hard your first semester living in the dorms. Sometimes I feel I have to choose between sleeping, having a social life, or studying. I learned my lesson the hard way; as of now I’m on the border of failing a class because of my procrastination. But I see my friends and study with them, and I followed the tips from the topic on Midterm Madness; I hope I won’t fail!

Over all, one of the advantages that Lorena has from living in the dorms is and able to experience the city life. Living in student housing has allowed her to study with the classmates, connect with friends, and avoid hours of commuting. Even though Lorena lives away from home and is dependent on her parents, she is currently learning how to be independent.


Winter and Holiday Fun!

29 Nov

Winter break is coming up which means there’s a lot of free time to go out and take advantage of what the city has to offer. You can play in the snow, visit outdoor Christmas markets, check out Christmas exhibits and light displays. Chicago College Life wanted to give everyone a few places to go to the make the most out of your well deserved time off from school!

Do you like ice skating? The most popular ice rink is the McCormick Tribune Ice Rink located at Millennium Park. Entering the rink is free, but skates cost $10 if you don’t have your own pair. There are plenty of other places in Chicagoland that offer outdoor fun. Winter Wonderfest at Navy Pier is also a good choice to look into. There is also free skating here and because of the locations of these rinks, Depaul, Loyola, and UIC students should have a fairly easy time getting there.

Are you one of those few people who like being outside in the cold? If so, you should head on out to Villa Olivia Country Club in Bartlett, IL. In the winter, this country club offers skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing and more. These events are held every day, weather permitting. Prices range from $29-$39, for individual adults but you can also bring your friends along and take advantage of group prices. Also, for the people who can’t ski or snowboard, there are lessons for you at a reasonable price.

Maybe you’re the artsy type who likes going to museums and look at fancy exhibits about the holidays? The Art Institute of Chicago has different holiday themed activities that are perfect to experience during your time off from school. You and some friends can build your own gingerbread houses or eat and enjoy holiday sweets.

If you’re looking for something more visually appealing, visit the Museum of Science and Industry’s Christmas Around the World and Holiday of Light exhibits. These exhibits feature culturally unique and decorated trees from more than 50 countries from around the world. So not only will you enjoy the holiday essence, but you might even gain a history lesson on why Christmas is celebrated differently around the world. There’s even ethnic dancing and singing throughout the season. Everything is included with general admission and there are even student and group discounts available.

Would you like to do some holiday shopping outside of the mall or the Magnificent Mile? The Lincoln Square Christkindlmarket offers traditional German food, drinks, music, and decorations for people of all ages to enjoy. There are a bunch of vendors selling everything from German beer (for the 21 and up crowd) to schnitzel and baked goods. While there, you can listen to various choirs from around Chicagoland. You can buy winter accessories such as gloves, hats, and scarves. Event organizers also look for volunteers to help them put this event together so if you’re willing to help out, this will be a great opportunity to volunteer while still having a good time during the holiday season.

It’s important as college students to remember to have fun and that there is a life outside of school. Hopefully, everyone can enjoy themselves, get into the holiday spirit, and relax so you can have a fresh start for next semester. If you want to find more activities, visit The Chicago Traveler’s website to find more. Happy Holidays from CCL.

Hefty Clean!

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope all of you have enjoyed the celebration with your family and enjoyed your break. I know you are probably now busy with all the cleaning from after the dinner. You must have had a lot of family members and relatives that came, and you, your mother or father are left with stacks of dishes that you don’t know where to start from. Almost all our mothers like a delicate dinner with wine glasses, and designed plates, at least we did. Just think of why you would ever fall into the same experience of having to take hours of cleaning while you can spend it with your family that you haven’t seen, or you might spend it studying for your finals. Keep in mind Christmas is coming soon, but you don’t need to fall in the trap of dishwashing and table cleaning.

With all the food on the table, advice you mother with table covers. The table covers do not need to be fancy as long as they look good, and they protect your table from wine and oil spills. You can purchase plastic table-covers for a dollar from either the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar.

Instead of washing the dishes and the glasses, you can purchase plastic or paper ones that you can dispose them.

After you are done with your dinning, you can dispose all the plastic and paper for recycling.

Enjoy the rest of your break, and happy holidays!


Black Wednesday, Are You In?

16 Nov

The week of Thanksgiving is always jam packed with things to do. Wednesday night a.k.a Thanksgiving Eve is when people like to get together to drink and party with their friends. The next day is Thanksgiving which means lots of delicious hangover food (or awkward family moments). Then comes Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year with every store competing to offer the best prices and deals. Although Black Friday is considered the biggest shopping day of year, Black Wednesday is like an unofficial holiday. It is the busiest night for bars across the city and probably the most memorable night of the week of Thanksgiving.

This is great for college students, because everyone comes back home for the holiday. Black Wednesday is a chance to reconnect with old friends and share crazy college stories over a nice cold beer, or loosen up before that oh-so-eventful family-filled Thanksgiving dinner.  November weather in Chicago has been pretty unpredictable and amazing, so hopefully it stays that way and we don’t have to freeze our butts off on the way to the next bar!

On another note, have you ever wondered why it’s called “Black Wednesday?” We did too!  It was coined the term, “Black Wednesday,” because of the high traffic and volume of people at the bars. CCL wanted to find you the best bar deals in Chicago, so we searched high and low to see which places had the most to offer in lieu of this unofficial holiday. Here are some great places to start:






Bull & Bear

431 N. Wells St.


This year is Bull & Bear’s second annual Black Wednesday Bash.

The deal: $3 Coors light bottles

$5 Malibu, Absolut, and Jameson cocktails






RockIt Bar & Grill

3700 N. Clark

Chicago, IL

The deal: $40 food and drink package. Starts at 9pm, includes cocktails, domestic beer, house red and white wine. Sorry folks this deal excludes shots and Red Bull.


Morgan’s Bar & Grill on Maxwell Street

1325 South Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

The deal: $3 Domestic bottles

$3 Domestic drafts

Junior’s Sports Lounge

724 West Maxwell Street

Chicago, IL

The deal: $5 Mojitos

$5 Specialty Drinks

Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill

1458 West Taylor Street

Chicago, IL

The deal: Altos $3 Blue Agave shots

$3 Altos Margarita and Altos Strawberry Margaritas

Corona & Corona light bottles

Pacifico and Victoria 
Bottles $4.00 Buckets $18.00

1/2 Price pizzas after 3P.M.








Hamilton’s Bar and Grill

6341 North Broadway Street

Chicago, IL

The Deal: $3 Coors Light jumbo drafts

$3.50 Blue MF-ers

$4 Car Bombs









Bruno and Tim’s Lounge and Liquor

6562 North Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL

The Deal: $2.50 PBR

$2.50 Bud Light Golden Wheat

$2.75 Domestics

$3.75 Imports

Whether you go to school at DePaul,UIC or Loyola, we found places close to these universities for you and your friends to enjoy great deals before you head home for the holiday! You’ll be wishing you had that drink next time you’re out Christmas shopping. Happy Holidays and cheers to a hang over free Thanksgiving!


Get Out & Explore Chicago

9 Nov

Chicago College Life understands that as college students, time and money are two things we value.  Sometimes we don’t have enough time to plan out new events, so we stick to routines with our friends: partying at the same house, weekly Jersey Shore nights, and even going to the same bars and restaurants for their specials.  Living in the city can also mean that getting the true nightlife experience can cost you your whole paycheck.

Don’t worry.  Chicago College Life is here to help you change up your routine with a new way to experience Chicago events & nightlife this week!


Tuesday:  Looking for a good laugh?  Check out local comedians at Comedy Tuesdays at Old Town Pub located at 1339 North Wells Street.  Best part of this?  It’s free to get in! 

Wednesday:  Want a new spin on an old game?  Head over to Joe’s on Weed Street (940 West Weed Street) for Raunchy Bingo at 8pm.  The game is only $10 and while there, enjoy some of the drink specials! 

Thursday:  Are you a movie goer?  Check out the Chicago Gay & Lesbian International Film Festival.  Theaters are participating across the city and the shows range from $8-10.

Friday: Looking for a dose of drama?  Check out the Steppenwolf Theater’s production of To Kill A Mockingbird. Student tickets are $15 at the box office at 1650 North Halsted. 

Saturday: Like free beer?  Check out the Half Acre Beer Company tour!  RSVP for the 1pm tour!  (4257 North Lincoln Avenue)

Sunday: Are you a football fanatic? Join Bears, Bus & Beer at O’Donovans (2100 West Irving Park Avenue).  Its $10 first come, first serve!  So get there early!

Monday: Want to visit the fishes?  The Shedd Aquarium is having a community discount day on the 15th!  Admission is free to all the basics and there are discounts on the special exhibits.

Got more ideas?  Let us know!



2 Nov

Did studying for midterms keep you busy? It’s time to clear your mind and reward yourself with a weekend which I call the weekend of Arabic-Spa. This spa includes a a night with hookah, belly dancers, Arabic music and some drinking that is not what you’re used to; this time it’s included in your hookah. HUH?!

The flavors that are involved with hookah vary. The best flavors are those created by its founders and frequent users -the pros. Many people think that they know how to switch up the original method of using water with their hookah by using milk or juice products instead. Let me introduce you to a real mind-blowing method that is used by the real pros.

First, you need to forget about making the hookah with water, milk, and juice. There is a certain drink known as Ouzo Plomari that is needed to put in the hookah but this drink is hard to find at any liquor store because it is an international drink. It may be easier to find this drink in areas where there are many Arabs and Greeks such as Orland Park and Oak Lawn. It is possible to find it at any Arabic liquor store, but you would have to ask for it in Arabic which is known as Araq; and you may purchase it at a maximum cost of $20.


Another thing to change is the herbal hookah (tobacco) and purchase an Indian tobacco known as Soex which costs $9.99 a packet. This kind of tobacco is nicotine free, tobacco free, and tar free which allows you to smoke it for a long time without getting dizzy or feeling nauseate. Many lounges have this kind of herbal, and you can ask them when you request your hookah for the flavor you desire.



When going to a hookah lounge, try bringing your Ouzo drink and request that it be filled with water because some Arabic entertainment places may inhabit hookah and may not have the drink.

The best places that serve hookah around the city are based on what they serve from belly dancing shows and dinner.

Exotic Moroccan Hookah Lounge– Includes belly dancers

Ambrosia café

For belly dancer shows, I suggest you go to the Horseshoe Casino which is a great place that offers belly dancers.

For Arabic music, do not just search for Arabic music online, but try to go to an Arabic concert. These concerts are coming soon to the Horseshoe known

Wael Kfoury

as Arabian Nights. On Friday the 12th of this month, there is an upcoming Arabic singer named Wael Kfoury that is coming to sing at the casino, along with other. You can purchase tickets from the casino website.

If you really want to experience a different but fun weekend, you may want to consider the Arabic-spa. The prices are not too expensive and will not “break you.”


Money Hungry

1 Nov

Are tuition and fees burning a hole in your pocket? Did you spend all of your money at the club last weekend? Chicago College Life recognizes how the city presents many tempting opportunities for you to spend your hard earned dollars on going out with friends, shopping, and other types of entertainment. It also doesn’t help that the cost of books and supplies continue to rise, which makes it more difficult to pay for school. So we came up with several easy and fun ways for money hungry college students to get some cash back in your wallet!

Focus Groups: Many companies often seek college-aged students to participate and share their opinions about a certain type of product.  Participants can be compensated anywhere from $50-$150. Felicia from UIC highly recommends focus group studies after she attended one for Pantene Pro-V:

“I was paid $150 to talk about my experience with the product. They also asked us to participate in different activities that would help the company better market Pantene Pro-V to their target group. It was pretty cool—I only had to stay about an hour and I got a nice chunk of change out of it!”

There are several different types of marketing research that you can participate in. For example, Focuscope Inc asks people to also volunteer for taste tests, product testing, media evaluation, and in-home studies. Other popular focus groups in Chicago include: Adler-Weiner Research Co., National Data Research, Focus Pointe Global, and Schlesinger Associates.

Sell Back Your Books: The semester is almost over, and it’s never too early to start thinking about selling back your books. There are many students who fall victim to their university bookstore, and get back not even a fraction of what they originally paid! Various students have chosen to skip their university book store and create a seller profile with widely used websites such as Ebay (, Amazon, and Chegg. However, Facebook Marketplace is a new feature that is quickly becoming the most popular source for buying and selling books among college students. The power to sell and trade is put in the hands of students and it makes searching for books convenient and effective. Nicholas from Roosevelt proclaimed his love for Facebook Marketplace:

“Marketplace is awesome! I like it because the books I sell mainly go to other students around Chicago, and I don’t have to worry about shipping it across the nation. Also, since textbooks are being sold by students themselves, they tend to be reasonably priced.”

Resale Shops: Why throw away your old clothes when you can get money for them? Resale stores are a great way to earn easy money for your old apparel as well as explore some new fashion! In addition, they only take lightly worn clothing, and they’re always stocked with up-to-date styles and the latest trends. This is especially useful for college students who shop on a budget. Lindsay from Loyola is a frequent resale shopper,  

“I live for resale shops! My favorite place to go is the Brown Elephant, but there are so many other places in Chicago that people can check out. I go there maybe once a month and can earn up to $50 for my old clothes.”

A new resale shop just opened up in the heart of UIC’s University Village Area called The Bottomline. It specializes in professional wear, but they also have vintage clothing and brand name apparel. Lastly, feel free to sell back or browse through racks at these Chicago resale hot spots: My Sisters Closet, Mr. and Mrs. Digz, Buy Choice, NEW’D, and Land of The Lost

Entertainment: Chicago is a staple for creative production and entertainment moguls. One of the most interesting ways you can “make it rain” is to apply for a temporary position as an event worker, model, movie/TV extra, or club promoter—the possibilities are endless!

Neal from DePaul was an extra for a new Chicago TV drama, “I kinda just stumbled upon the opportunity, and I thought ‘shit I’m not doin’ anything else!’ I was paid $100 to stand around for a few hours and hang out.

Brittany from Loyola regularly searches for club events that are in need of promotional models, “I do this in addition to another part-time job I have. I usually work club events about three times a month and can make $300-$500. I get paid to look good and party. It’s the easiest job in the world!”

Brittany and Neal both recommend going to Craiglist to search for different temporary job opportunities within the entertainment industry. Make sure you access Craigslist for Chicago, and look under the “Gigs” section. You can also click on either “event,” “talent,” or “creative” to find different jobs that appeal to you.

There you have it—four fun and easy ways to earn cash (fast!). Whether you’re looking to make ends meet, or need some extra play money, these are all ideas recommended FOR students BY students. Chicago College Life encourages you to explore these options if you ever find yourself in a “money hungry” situation. Don’t just stand there, bust a move!

Scary Halloween Fun! >:)

25 Oct

Scared yet?

We have another Halloween treat for everyone! Megan got you ready to get creative with your Halloween costumes and I’m here to share some scary and fun events that are taking place this season. Do you like to be scared?  Well then this is for you.

One of the most popular destinations for the Halloween season is Six Flag Great America’s Fright Fest. Many college people attend this just to have fun and it’s great to go in big groups. Fright Fest runs on the weekends from October 2nd-31st. Tickets cost $36.99 but there may be student discount tickets available on your campus. In addition to the spooky decorations at the park, they offer four different haunted houses: a house based on the Saw movies, the Mausoleum of Terror, Back Lot Horror tour, and Area 51. They also offer several more activities that are sure to keep you entertained in this creepy season.

Do you like haunted houses? One of the most well-known haunted destination spots is the Statesville Haunted Prison. It’s located in Crest Hill, Illinois and began in 1996. It’s has been voted number one for 8 years by It costs $30 to get in and on Thursdays, you get $5 off with a coupon, which is good for those of you on a budget. Many of the people I know who have visited say it’s the scariest thing they’ve ever experienced.

Another house that boasts being the Midwest’s scariest haunted house is Midnight Massacre located at Odyssey Fun World in Naperville, Illinois. It’s over 12,000 sq. ft. and has 30 rooms filled of scary excitement. It costs $20 to enter and is open Thursdays to Sundays only.

Chronicles of the Cursed, The Sinkhole: A Chicago Haunted House Experience is a haunted house located on Grand Avenue in downtown Chicago. It’s the biggest haunted house in the city and came about after people started hearing strange noises and strange things began to happen around a sinkhole that was discovered on Grand Avenue. Admission is only $15 and there are many interesting things to learn about this house on the website. Are you still in the mood to get scared? There are plenty of options out there of haunted houses and places to get your paranormal fix.

What about ghosts? Ghosts have always been fascinating to many people and Chicago has plenty ghost tours throughout the city. Chicago Haunting Tours has been named one of the top ten ghost tours in the country. Tours start in October and last until the end of November, and explore areas that have a rich, local history (for the history majors and lovers out there). Some of these places include Fort Dearborn, the site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Archer Avenue which is the site of Resurrection Mary, Native American grounds, and many more. Most tours cost $29-$32 and specialty tours prices vary.

Weird Chicago is also another favorite for Chicagoans and tourists. They explore many different destinations around the city and topics including the haunting of Al Capone and The Murder Castle, which tells of America’s first serial killer. Prices are $30 for adults and most tours last 3 hours. All tours for October have been sold out but there are plenty available for November and December. If you check out the website, you’ll see links to other tours around Illinois as well.

If you love to be scared, these are the places to go. Many college students like the thrill of the unknown and if you’re one of those people, be sure to check out these places and more. Paranormal spots are everywhere in Chicago and with midterms being over for many people, treat yourself to some eerie enjoyment this holiday season; or if you’re away from school during Thanksgiving break, have a night on the town with your family. I’m sure it’ll be an experience you won’t forget!


Cheap Dates For College Couples

11 Oct

Is it just me, or have you noticed how a lot of students around the city are wearing t-shirts that say “broke ass college student?” As a “broke ass college student” myself, I can definitely relate. Many students in college choose not work, but those that do tend to only be part-time. As a result,  this can have a big effect on your social life; and if you’re in a  relationship, your significant other may feel this effect as well. Unfortunately, many students use the little money they earn on school, and other basic needs.These are supposed to be the best years of your life, so why not start enjoying them? Don’t let money hold you back!   

With the rising cost of tuition as well as other expenses, living on a budget for a “broke ass college student” can be difficult. On the same note, living in the city can be expensive, but dating doesn’t have to be! Chicago College Life searched for cheap but fun date ideas that you can enjoy with your main squeeze whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or some other occasion..

Check out these free events taking place in the city:

Do you remember the last time you attended the museum? Most museums offer free admission days. Take your honey out for a cultural endeavor, and learn something new on these dates in October:

The Adler Planetarium – October: 12, 19 & 26
The Art Institute of Chicago – October 14, 21, 28 from 5-8 pm
Chicago History Museum – October: 18 & 25
Field Museum October: 13-14, & 19-20
Loyola University Museum of Art – October: 12, 19 & 26
Museum of Contemporary Art – October: 12, 19 & 26
Museum of Science and Industry October: 4-6
Shedd Aquarium – October: 12, 18-19, & 25-26

Do you or your boyfriend/girlfriend have a love for music/free concerts?

Chicago is known for its free music events and inexpensive concerts. Check out Kingston Mines where it is free admission Sunday-Wednesday nights. 21 and over, free as long as you have your student ID. You also can periodically look at the Chicago traveler webpage: which lists all of the upcoming events taking place in the city.

Are you more of a sporty couple?

If you and your significant other are into sports you can always go to your college campus’ recreation center. As long as you both are students there is no cost. Also, many campuses have bowling alleys that offer student discounts.  If you like attending live sporting events many colleges offer student discounts for Chicago Bulls games, Blackhawks games, Fire soccer games, etc. Check with your student activities center to find out more about these deals. Is transportation to these events a problem? Hawkeyes bar and grill  in the UIC area offers rides to the Bears games as well as Blackhawk games for a very low price. The shuttle to the bears game costs $7 and the blackhawks shuttle costs $5.

Do you have a passion for cooking/eating delicious food?

Cook together. Restaurants in the city can be very expensive, take this as an opportunity to bond. Look up recipes online and recreate your favorite meals using inexpensive ingredients. Here is an easy recipe to follow:

Last Minute Lasagna  

All you’ll need is

1 26-ounce jar pasta sauce

30-ounce bags frozen large cheese ravioli, unthawed

1 10-ounce box frozen chopped spinach, thawed and squeezed of excess water

8-ounce bag shredded mozzarella

1/2 cup grated Parmesan

Really set the mood with some inexpensive candles, flowers from your local grocer, and a fancy table cloth.

Another option is to visit the ever so famous Millennium Park. Check out the giant bean and have a picnic in the park!

Are you more into the bar scene?

Check out Anatasia’s feature to find out about drink specials around the city:

Dating on a budget doesn’t mean you can’t have fun, you just need to be more creative! Next time you’re walking around the city look at your surroundings, there are many different fun things you can do without breaking the bank.


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