Hefty Clean!

25 Nov

Happy Thanksgiving!

We hope all of you have enjoyed the celebration with your family and enjoyed your break. I know you are probably now busy with all the cleaning from after the dinner. You must have had a lot of family members and relatives that came, and you, your mother or father are left with stacks of dishes that you don’t know where to start from. Almost all our mothers like a delicate dinner with wine glasses, and designed plates, at least we did. Just think of why you would ever fall into the same experience of having to take hours of cleaning while you can spend it with your family that you haven’t seen, or you might spend it studying for your finals. Keep in mind Christmas is coming soon, but you don’t need to fall in the trap of dishwashing and table cleaning.

With all the food on the table, advice you mother with table covers. The table covers do not need to be fancy as long as they look good, and they protect your table from wine and oil spills. You can purchase plastic table-covers for a dollar from either the Dollar Tree or Family Dollar.

Instead of washing the dishes and the glasses, you can purchase plastic or paper ones that you can dispose them.

After you are done with your dinning, you can dispose all the plastic and paper for recycling.

Enjoy the rest of your break, and happy holidays!


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