Black Wednesday, Are You In?

16 Nov

The week of Thanksgiving is always jam packed with things to do. Wednesday night a.k.a Thanksgiving Eve is when people like to get together to drink and party with their friends. The next day is Thanksgiving which means lots of delicious hangover food (or awkward family moments). Then comes Friday, the biggest shopping day of the year with every store competing to offer the best prices and deals. Although Black Friday is considered the biggest shopping day of year, Black Wednesday is like an unofficial holiday. It is the busiest night for bars across the city and probably the most memorable night of the week of Thanksgiving.

This is great for college students, because everyone comes back home for the holiday. Black Wednesday is a chance to reconnect with old friends and share crazy college stories over a nice cold beer, or loosen up before that oh-so-eventful family-filled Thanksgiving dinner.  November weather in Chicago has been pretty unpredictable and amazing, so hopefully it stays that way and we don’t have to freeze our butts off on the way to the next bar!

On another note, have you ever wondered why it’s called “Black Wednesday?” We did too!  It was coined the term, “Black Wednesday,” because of the high traffic and volume of people at the bars. CCL wanted to find you the best bar deals in Chicago, so we searched high and low to see which places had the most to offer in lieu of this unofficial holiday. Here are some great places to start:






Bull & Bear

431 N. Wells St.


This year is Bull & Bear’s second annual Black Wednesday Bash.

The deal: $3 Coors light bottles

$5 Malibu, Absolut, and Jameson cocktails






RockIt Bar & Grill

3700 N. Clark

Chicago, IL

The deal: $40 food and drink package. Starts at 9pm, includes cocktails, domestic beer, house red and white wine. Sorry folks this deal excludes shots and Red Bull.


Morgan’s Bar & Grill on Maxwell Street

1325 South Halsted Street

Chicago, IL

The deal: $3 Domestic bottles

$3 Domestic drafts

Junior’s Sports Lounge

724 West Maxwell Street

Chicago, IL

The deal: $5 Mojitos

$5 Specialty Drinks

Hawkeye’s Bar & Grill

1458 West Taylor Street

Chicago, IL

The deal: Altos $3 Blue Agave shots

$3 Altos Margarita and Altos Strawberry Margaritas

Corona & Corona light bottles

Pacifico and Victoria 
Bottles $4.00 Buckets $18.00

1/2 Price pizzas after 3P.M.








Hamilton’s Bar and Grill

6341 North Broadway Street

Chicago, IL

The Deal: $3 Coors Light jumbo drafts

$3.50 Blue MF-ers

$4 Car Bombs









Bruno and Tim’s Lounge and Liquor

6562 North Sheridan Road

Chicago, IL

The Deal: $2.50 PBR

$2.50 Bud Light Golden Wheat

$2.75 Domestics

$3.75 Imports

Whether you go to school at DePaul,UIC or Loyola, we found places close to these universities for you and your friends to enjoy great deals before you head home for the holiday! You’ll be wishing you had that drink next time you’re out Christmas shopping. Happy Holidays and cheers to a hang over free Thanksgiving!



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