Scary Halloween Fun! >:)

25 Oct

Scared yet?

We have another Halloween treat for everyone! Megan got you ready to get creative with your Halloween costumes and I’m here to share some scary and fun events that are taking place this season. Do you like to be scared?  Well then this is for you.

One of the most popular destinations for the Halloween season is Six Flag Great America’s Fright Fest. Many college people attend this just to have fun and it’s great to go in big groups. Fright Fest runs on the weekends from October 2nd-31st. Tickets cost $36.99 but there may be student discount tickets available on your campus. In addition to the spooky decorations at the park, they offer four different haunted houses: a house based on the Saw movies, the Mausoleum of Terror, Back Lot Horror tour, and Area 51. They also offer several more activities that are sure to keep you entertained in this creepy season.

Do you like haunted houses? One of the most well-known haunted destination spots is the Statesville Haunted Prison. It’s located in Crest Hill, Illinois and began in 1996. It’s has been voted number one for 8 years by It costs $30 to get in and on Thursdays, you get $5 off with a coupon, which is good for those of you on a budget. Many of the people I know who have visited say it’s the scariest thing they’ve ever experienced.

Another house that boasts being the Midwest’s scariest haunted house is Midnight Massacre located at Odyssey Fun World in Naperville, Illinois. It’s over 12,000 sq. ft. and has 30 rooms filled of scary excitement. It costs $20 to enter and is open Thursdays to Sundays only.

Chronicles of the Cursed, The Sinkhole: A Chicago Haunted House Experience is a haunted house located on Grand Avenue in downtown Chicago. It’s the biggest haunted house in the city and came about after people started hearing strange noises and strange things began to happen around a sinkhole that was discovered on Grand Avenue. Admission is only $15 and there are many interesting things to learn about this house on the website. Are you still in the mood to get scared? There are plenty of options out there of haunted houses and places to get your paranormal fix.

What about ghosts? Ghosts have always been fascinating to many people and Chicago has plenty ghost tours throughout the city. Chicago Haunting Tours has been named one of the top ten ghost tours in the country. Tours start in October and last until the end of November, and explore areas that have a rich, local history (for the history majors and lovers out there). Some of these places include Fort Dearborn, the site of the St. Valentine’s Day Massacre, Archer Avenue which is the site of Resurrection Mary, Native American grounds, and many more. Most tours cost $29-$32 and specialty tours prices vary.

Weird Chicago is also another favorite for Chicagoans and tourists. They explore many different destinations around the city and topics including the haunting of Al Capone and The Murder Castle, which tells of America’s first serial killer. Prices are $30 for adults and most tours last 3 hours. All tours for October have been sold out but there are plenty available for November and December. If you check out the website, you’ll see links to other tours around Illinois as well.

If you love to be scared, these are the places to go. Many college students like the thrill of the unknown and if you’re one of those people, be sure to check out these places and more. Paranormal spots are everywhere in Chicago and with midterms being over for many people, treat yourself to some eerie enjoyment this holiday season; or if you’re away from school during Thanksgiving break, have a night on the town with your family. I’m sure it’ll be an experience you won’t forget!


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