Getting Around Chicago

12 Oct

Walking around the city is great when the weather is warm, but as the seasons are changing we all need to find options for getting around!

As Chicago college students, U-Passes are provided for us.  Take advantage of all the CTA buses and trains!  On the CTA’s Bus Tracker site, real time bus locations and arrival times are available.  Another cool bus tracking feature the CTA has implemented is a text message system.  On all of the bus stop signs, there are stop id numbers that you can text to 41411 and get an instant response of where your bus is.

CTA Train


If you need a car to travel outside of the city, iGo and ZipCar are two options for you!  For an iGo plan with no commitments, the rates are $6.75/hour & $0.40/mile or an all day rate of $65.00.


For ZipCar, you have to become a member before you can drive which includes a $25.00 application fee.  Rates are $7.00/hour and day rates are $68.00 during the week & $73.00 on the weekends.

Check out their websites for more information: iGo & Zipcar.

Have other ways of getting around Chicago?  Leave us a comment or post on our Twitter or Facebook!


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