“Man, I Love College”

3 Oct

College is a time for self-discovery, experimentation, and socialization. For students attending universities in Chicago, the possibilities for night life and entertainment is endless! After surviving a long day of class, a difficult exam, or a group project, many students just want a place to unwind. If you’re new to the bar scene, or sick of the same corner pub, finding a bar that is close and appeals to you can be frustrating. Chicago College Life understands your eagerness to explore. Therefore, we made college night life an official mission, and surveyed DePaul, Loyola, and UIC campuses to get student perspectives on some of the most popular bars/restaurants. In general, the recommendations below are great places to either kick it with your friends or get rowdy on the dance floor! Check out these sweet college bars: 


John Barley Corn:

Address: 658 W. Belden Ave 


Lincoln Park Location

Courtesy of johnbarleycorn.com

Drink Deal Steal: $15 Rebel Pitchers (everyday)

What students say:  

John Barley Corn is a huge bar! It’s a very busy and fun atmosphere. Their outside patio is still open, and they put a back bar and DJ out there. Also, they have really cute bartenders! The best nights to go are Friday and Saturday.

–Nick, 22   

Wise Fools Pub:  

Address: 2270 N. Lincoln Ave   


Drink Deal Steal: $1 Well Drinks (Wednesday)

What students say:

Courtesy of bluespsychrock.blogspot.com

It’s a great place to hang. They just renovated the bar and have an awesome new sound system. Wise Fools also has a great variety of daily drink specials, and a large selection of beer. My friends and I like to go there because we can play beer pong and pool. Plus, they’re a dog friendly establishment.  

–Conner, 24 


The Drum and Monkey:

Address: 1435 W. Taylor St.  

 Drink Deal Steal: $2 Monkey Shots (everyday)   

Courtesy of chitowndining.com

What students say:   

The Drum is fun! It definitely has a younger, more “hip” environment. The music and bartenders are its key selling point; but many other people I know go because they present affordable options for students. You should try their $3 happy hour appetizer food special [everyday from 4-6pm].    

–Heather, 21   

Juniors Sports Lounge:   

Address: 724 W. Maxwell St.   


Drink Deal Steal: $1 Miller Bottles (Thursdays)   

What students say:   

Juniors supports a lot of local leagues, and it’s a good place to watch the game [football]. But if you’re looking to party, head over there on Thursday ‘cause shit gets wild! Everyone dances, and gets sloppy off of dollar beers.   

–Anthony, 21   


Hamilton’s Bar and Grill:

Address: 6341 N. Broadway St.


Drink Deal Steal: $3 Jolly Rancher Shots (Mondays)  

Courtesy of hamiltonsbarandgrill.com

What students say:

Drinking at Hamilton is a tradition for Loyola students. It’s the only bar in the neighborhood with a dance floor, and it happens to be located right in the center of campus. Generally speaking, older college crowds like to drink there but everyone goes in on Mondays for karaoke, and Saturdays are popular because of 80s night!   

–Lindsay, 23   

The Pumping Company:    

Address: 6157 N. Broadway   


Drink Deal Steal: $5 Bombs (Friday)   

What students say:    

PICO is usually filled younger college students. They have delicious food, and decent service! Also, they just renovated the place and updated their specials. It’s definitely a Loyola favorite because a lot of student organizations host fundraisers there.   

–Kasey, 21   


All in all, Chicago has many bars that offer a variety of drinks and entertainment. As a result, it can be difficult to decide where to go for the night. While in college, finding a campus bar that is fun and comfortable can be frustrating. On another note, college night life is unique because most students are just looking for a place to interact with their peers; and don’t know where to start! Although the bars highlighted at campuses for Depaul, UIC, and Loyola are considered to be the more popular, do not limit yourself to these places. As I mentioned earlier, college is a time for exploring and engaging in new experiences. Chicago College Life encourages you to go beyond your campus boarders for other night life hot spots! Lastly, when out with friends, it’s important to drink in moderation. Be safe, and learn your limits!   



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