How To Avoid the Freshman (and Sophomore, Junior, and Senior) 15

28 Sep

Many of us have heard of the Freshman 15 and to some, this may be scary or cause worry.  It’s already bad enough we have to worry about school but now, we really have to pay attention to our eating and exercise habits. Some people may be lucky enough to have great genes or the ability to play a sport that keeps them fit, but for the ones who actually have to work hard to stay healthy (no disrespect to athletes), it can be difficult. lists several articles on how to avoid the Freshman 15 and how to stay healthy throughout your college experience. It’s important to be aware of what you’re eating and when you’re eating it!  Mindless eating occurs too frequently when studying, watching TV, or just chilling with friends. With homework, jobs, internships, volunteering and whatever else we packed into our schedules, it may be hard to go to the gym too. Hopefully, these articles can help you be the healthiest you that you can be! –



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