Looking for Test Prep Options?

23 Sep

Are you graduating soon? Do you have to take the dreaded MCAT, LSAT or GRE test? For those of us that do, there are many test prep offerings in this city. They range from classroom format to online format and one-on-one tutoring. The test prep company that you have probably heard of the most is Kaplan. Kaplan is well known for its multitude of test preparation options. They not only offer test prep for graduate school ,but also for, nursing, IT learning, real estate and many others. They offer these services at UIC, DePaul, DePaul’s Lincoln Park campus, Northwestern and more. If you’re in the suburbs, there are options out there as well. Not every class is offered at every university so make sure you do research on the classes you need to take. If you need help preparing for a test, check them out but there are also other options. Manhattan GMAT  has an office in Chicago that specializes in the GMAT test prep. They offer private tutoring, workshops and teach you how to study on your own. Also, if you think you may be up to studying on your own, try the Chicago Public Library or the library at your school and look for books that offer practice questions that a specific test might ask. Remember to ask advisors, professors, and other students as well. Good luck!

Also try: PrincetonReview.com



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