Need Cheap Books?

20 Sep

You’ve paid for the tuition, housing (maybe), supplies, and all other miscellaneous fees for college. Now, the books. (Dun, dun, duuuuuunnnn.) We all know how difficult and costly it is to find and buy books for classes. According to the Washington Post, a student spends on average $700-$1,100 annually on just books! But there are alternatives. Your school’s bookstore may not always be the place to go. and offer used books that cost less than the original retail price, and sometimes they can be bought new. When you’re done, you can keep the books or resell them back. is a site that rents books to students for 60 days, a quarter, or a full semester. When you’re done, you just mail the books back for free with the included labe! My personal favorite is checking out books from the library. It’s completely free! You don’t have to clean out your pockets for books! Leave that for the fun stuff, like food. 🙂

Need More Options?

Chicago TextBook, Inc.

Make sure to look for student discounts on other sites as well!



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